Dr. Kol Pheng Receives Honorary Doctorate in USA


Big congratulations are due to Dr. Kol Pheng, President and founder of PUC, and former Minister of Education, on the occasion of receiving an honorary doctorate of Intercultural Relations from Bridge Water State University (BSU), in Massachusetts, USA.

Dr. Kol, together with other American expatriates, founded Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC) in 1997.  PUC was officially opened in 2000, and now proclaims an enrollment of more than 20,000 students on its 9 campuses in Phnom Penh, Battambang, and Siem Reap.

Throughout his professional life, Dr. Kol has worked to educate the young both physically and mentally through building love, compassion and leadership. He was excited to be invited to the graduation ceremony signed.

BSU has had a Memorandum of Understanding with PUC since 2010. The two universities agreed to exchange students and research opportunities. “I profoundly thank the honorable president and leaders of BSU for accepting PUC students every year, and we are proud to have them on the Dean’s list,” said Dr. Kol Pheng during the commencement.

PUC is known for its social and community work in Cambodia. This work enhances students learning skills as well as their professional development.  PUC students have demonstrated excellent moral training and marvelous scholastic achievements, making PUC an outstanding education institution in Cambodia providing English based instruction in all subjects.




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