Scholarship Award From Yonezawa Rotary Club


Two PUC students, Mr. Nget Sokla and Ms. Kheang Ratana, have received a scholarship award of US $300 each for their study.

Dr. Kol Pheng, PUC Founding Father and President,expressed his profound thanks to the president of the Yonezawa Rotary Club, whichannually sponsors PUC students without conditions. In addition, Dr. Kol Pheng suggested that the International Students Program should publicly announce the scholarship so that more students might apply and have a chance to receive the award.

The Yonezawa Rotary Club has funded PUC students for many years. Its purpose is to contribute to support poor and committed students who show willingness to make a change for a brighter future.

Ms. Kheang Ratana, a student of environmental science, was excited to get supported. “The money received was used to buy a laptop for my study. It is worthwhile to me,” remarked Ms. Kheang. In addition, Mr. Nget Sokla, in International Relations and whose father is chronically diseased, expressed that the fund was very meaningful to him. He would use some of the money to buy medicine for his father and spend some for his studies. “The club supports the right people at the right time,” said Mr. Nget in his last remark.

To conclude, Prof. Khun Sopheap, PUC- Yonezawa Rotary Scholarship Coordinator, advised the awardees to keep their dreams and continue to help people in the future who are poorer. “Whoever you are in the future, follow the club philosophy by assisting the needy from your good will,” noted by Prof. Khun.

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