5 Best awards in 9th China-ASIAN Education Cooperation Week


It is a great honor to Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC) to win 5 best awards in the 9th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week which was held in Guiyang. The awards including the champion 1st and 3rd, best advisor, best university, and best team work.

Dr. Kol Pheng, founder and president of PUC was proud to have his students back with the award. “I was happy to see your big smile. It represents prestige to the university,” said Dr. Kol Pheng.

There were 37 participants which 10 were selected in the first round. Among the ten, two PUC students were in the list. At last, they won champion for first and third award. “I am confidence and trust on my ability to debate in the topic of Role of Youth in Education. Conquer peace by love is what I bear in mind,” said Miss. Eang Linda.

Mr. Yang Odoum who is a champion in the competition expressed his remark that he wishes to see many Cambodian youth in the world contest. He is proud to be a student of PUC who is well educated and advised by president, and other professors.

It was noted that China and ASEAN countries have cooperation in different fields including education. Both sides have organized Education Cooperation Week for eight years and have signed almost 800 cooperation agreements.

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