The 7th commencement 2016



Almost eight hundred of graduates including Masters, Bachelors, and Associates attended the 7th commencement 2016 in the morning of November 1st, 2016. Among those 7 hundred, there were two venerable monks given the certificate of honor. One of the two was venerable Toem Kong, whose major in TESOL. He said that he was delighted to be given the opportunity of being an honor student. “I am very grateful to all my beloved teachers including Lok Ta, Kol Pheng, who tries his hard during his age deliver good education to the young,” added venerable “PUC is the only place I can say not only teaching the students to have knowledge and skill but also providing psychological support of being good human being where else is hardly found.”


Wearing graduated uniform with a yellow ribbon as a sign of an honor student, Mr. Hul Hunnivin, also majoring in TESOL expressed the obligation of the teacher as a moderator, a planner, and an advisor to the students as he is also a teacher of English at the Institute of Foreign Language. “Being a student, it was fun and sometimes depressed, since there was lots of homework and assignments to complete,” added Hul “It was challenging to get a high GPA to be an outstanding student. I must try hard”.

A man in his fifties, a parent of a graduate this morning expressed his profound thanks to Dr. Kol, the founding father and the president to run the university with good high moral standard of teachers. “I can see my son both behavior and attitude gently. He chooses a right university for his career where he is now an auditor in a private company.”

Dr. Kol Pheng was very excited to see all the graduates finished with joy though a few expressed that they were victims of their professors. “Please maintain your hard work toward your direction with proper education,” said Dr. Kol.

Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia (PUC) was officially opened in 2000. Sixteen years of its operation accounted more than four thousand graduates and more than eighteen thousand current students including English, pre-academic program. It was its 7th graduation batch that morning and it is going to have its eighth batch in the next few months.



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