American Corners in Cambodia

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There are currently four American Corners in Cambodia. Each American Corner features a diverse collection of English language books and materials focusing on the United States. The collections provide current and reliable information on various subjects, including American studies, history, cultural, business, law, politics and democracy. There is also information on English teaching, including student advising materials, links to university admission and scholarship websites, TOEFL-SAT-GRE-GMAT test information, and student visa information. The collections also offer poster exhibits, CDs, videotapes and access to several electronic data-bases. Each American Corner has several computers with guided Internet access.

In addition, each American Corner will offer public programs to make information about the U.S. available to the Cambodian public. The American Corners host speakers, workshops and meetings, and serve as venues for locally generated programs such as American film screenings, English classes, or educational advising. The American Corner also offers digital video conferences (DVCs) with speakers from around the world.

The American Corners are staffed by bilingual Cambodian library personnel, who will be available to assist patrons interested in locating specific information about the United States.

For more details on services and current programs in each Corner, please contact the institutions below:

Pannasastra University of Cambodia, Phnom Penh
Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh
Phone: 070 502 121

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