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Smiley faceThe Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations (SSIR) offers undergraduate courses in International Relations, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. Master’s programs are offered in the same disciplines, and doctoral programs are currently available in International Relations and Political Science only. Doctoral programs in Psychology and Sociology are also under development.At the undergraduate level, advanced students may earn honors by maintaining a 3.00 GPA and defending their senior projects with a B grade or better. Master’s degrees require course work and successful defense of a thesis, a project report, or written and oral examinations. PhD programs require a mixture of course work and research culminating in a dissertation

Study Options

International Relations International relations courses introduce the students to the wider world beyond the borders of Cambodia and examine the forces that shape our world today as well as their impact on this country. This discipline furthermore examines relations between the states of the world and the impact of globalization and economic interdependence on all of us.

Political Science This major provides students with broader and deeper understanding of political theories and political issues that are happening every day in our society. Students will be taught to critically think and analyze complex issues in both domestic and world politics. A wide range of courses will be offered to equip students with both knowledge and necessary skills, which will help them to compete for good jobs after they graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Sociology TSociology studies the interaction between various groups in society and also the relationship between these groups and the government. The field of sociology is further concerned with the development of civil society, gender relations, and relations between individuals and various collectivities.

Psychology TPsychology focuses on the development of individual personality traits and the emergence of attitudes and values in individuals. Social psychology examines the way in which individuals interact with others in groups and in the wider society. This field therefore contributes considerably to personal development within wider collectivities.

Curriculum *Click on the study options below to see the detailed course options

  1. International Relations
  2. Political Science
  3. Psychology
  4. Sociology
  1. International Relations: Diplomacy
  2. International Relations: Peace and Development
  3. Master of Political Sciences
  1. PhD International Relations
  2. PhD Political Science