Urbanism, IR & Sovereignty of the Cloud

Urbanism, IR & Sovereignty of the Cloud

The Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design (Moscow, Russia) and PUC present

a public talk

on the connection between design, international relations and technology

Date and Time: Monday 18th December 2017, 2pm – 3.30pm

Location: PUC South Campus, Srey Dim Hall

Co-organizers: The Strelka Institute, PUC Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, PUC Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations

Registration: Free entry and pre-registration via Facebook

Audience: Open to the public


Description Summary:


Architect, Design Strategist and Strelka Institute Design tutor Nicolay Boyadjiev will discuss the future of cities and architectural projects and the connection between design, international relations and technology. Globalization, sovereignty and citizenship will be at the heart of this unique talk, as he will link and reference familiar case studies such as the Chinese-led One Road One Belt project, or mobile Apps bringing people together in the urban environment.


The Strelka Institute believes that our modern, integrated world needs more collaboration across sectors of work and cultures, to tackle some of the biggest issues of our times.


Strelka Institute: 




The institute was founded in 2009 to change the cultural and physical landscapes of cities. It promotes positive changes and creates new ideas and values through its educational activities. Strelka provides brand new learning opportunities, while the City remains at the centre of the Institute’s research programme.


The New Normal:



The New Normal research focuses on the new contemporary condition, which has emerged with the rapid development of technology, including machine intelligence, biotechnology, automation, and alternative spaces created in VR and AR. Its aim is to define new paths for urban design and development. 

Biography: Nicolay Boyadjiev


Nicolay Boyadjiev is an architect and design strategist based in Montreal and Moscow. He is currently the Design & Education tutor of The New Normal programme at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. His work has received multiple awards and has been published in Volume, Moinopolis, Fast Company, and Architect Magazine. He is working at the intersection of architecture and “platform urbanism”, with his ongoing project GoogleUrbanism recently listing him as one of the "HIVE 50 Innovators" for Housing Innovation, Vision & Economics and featured among the finalists of the Fast Company 2017 “World Changing Ideas" awards.


Selected Mentions and Publications:


The Guardian - "Google's plan to revolutionise is a takeover in all but name", Evgeny Morozov



FastCompany - Finalist for World Changing Ideas Awards



Volume Magazine:


Selected Presentations:


October 20, 2017 "GoogleUrbanism", Q.Berlin Marathon (Berlin), GoogleUrbanism presentation


September 7, 2017 - 
"The New Normal", Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design (Copenhagen), Strelka Institute + GoogleUrbanism presentation




2 – 2.15pm: Welcome remarks


2.15pm – 3pm:  Nicolay Boyadjiev talk

3 – 3.30pm: Q&As