2 PUC Faculties, Russian Design Institute and Open Cambodia Collaborate on unique talk

About 150 students from the PUC Faculties of Architecture and Urban Planning, as well as Social Sciences and International Relations joined an event organized on Monday 18th December, at Srey Dim Hall. Mr. Nicolay Boyadjiev, Architect and Design Tutor at the Strelka Institute (Moscow, Russia), gave a lively talk on the multidisciplinary topic of “Urbanism, IR and Sovereignty of the Cloud”. Representatives from Open Development Cambodia were also part of the audience.

Mr. Boyadjiev drew on his experience as an architect to make links between disciplines which may otherwise appear opposed to one another: design, IR and technology. He outlined the importance of learning to understand our world through multiple dimensions and spaces – both physical and non-physical. The advent of the Internet, for example, poses new challenges to traditional sovereignty. Private companies and tech giants have created new spaces, effectively “colonising them”, Mr. Boyadjiev argued, calling for new types of governance which IR specialists but also designers, will have to develop in the future.

Access the archived presentation below:


Extracts from Mr. Boyadjiev’s presentations:

Tech giants such as Google now yield huge political power, once reserved to states.

One of Mr. Boyadjiev’s favourite political picture in 2016, which symbolises the new “spaces”

we are occupying between the physical reality, and the parallel digital reality of the Cloud.

Actual buildings Mr. Boyadjiev designed, including the CHUM,

a mega hospital just recently finished in Montreal, Canada – the city where he grew up.