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A Fun and Dynamic Learning Experience

Our faculty takes pride in offering comprehensive academic programs that cater to a wide range of intellectual interests and career aspirations. Whether you are fascinated by the intricacies of global politics, driven to understand the workings of political systems, or captivated by the human mind and behavior, our faculty provides a stimulating environment to explore and excel in these fields.

For our undergraduate students, we offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in International Relations, Political Science, and Psychology. These programs are carefully crafted to provide you with a solid foundation in the fundamental theories, concepts, and methodologies of your chosen field. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and a global perspective, enabling you to become well-rounded professionals capable of making significant contributions to society.

For those seeking to deepen their knowledge and expertise, our Master of Arts (MA) programs offer a unique opportunity to specialize in International Relations, Political Science, or Psychology. The MA in IR can specialize in either diplomacy or peace and conflict studies.  Our faculty comprises distinguished scholars and practitioners who are dedicated to mentoring and guiding you as you explore advanced theories, engage in cutting-edge research, and develop the analytical and practical skills necessary to excel in your chosen field.

Furthermore, we are proud to offer a rigorous and intellectually stimulating Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in International Relations, Political Science, and Psychology. This program is designed for those aspiring to become leading researchers and academics in their respective fields. Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty members, you will engage in original research, contribute to the academic discourse, and push the boundaries of knowledge in your area of specialization.

At our faculty, we recognize the importance of experiential learning and the value of engaging with the world beyond the classroom. We actively encourage our students to participate in internships, study abroad programs, and research opportunities, enabling you to gain practical insights, broaden your horizons, and develop a global network of connections.

Moreover, we foster a vibrant and inclusive community that embraces diversity and promotes mutual respect. Our faculty is home to students from different cultural backgrounds, fostering a rich and stimulating environment for cross-cultural learning and understanding. We organize various academic and social events, including guest lectures, workshops, conferences, and student clubs, to encourage collaboration, intellectual discourse, and the forging of lifelong friendships.

The priority of our instructors is to ensure that you receive a world-class education that prepares you for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. The SSIR faculty is committed to supporting your academic and personal growth, and encourages you to take full advantage of the resources, guidance, and opportunities available to you.

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 The PUC Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations strives to be a leader in education, research, and engagement, empowering students and scholars to drive positive change in a rapidly evolving world. We are committed to understanding and addressing the complex social, political, and cultural challenges that shape societies, both locally and globally. 

Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and social impact, the Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations aims to shape future leaders, advance knowledge, and contribute to a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world.

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Student Education Comes First

Academic Excellence: We deliver rigorous, interdisciplinary programs that equip students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities necessary to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world.

Global Perspective: We embrace a global perspective, recognizing the importance of intercultural understanding, collaboration, and the interconnectedness of our world.

Social Impact: We strive to address social inequalities, promote social justice, and contribute to sustainable development through research, community partnerships, and policy advocacy.

Ethical Leadership: We empower students to become socially conscious and ethical professionals who uphold principles of integrity, empathy, and respect in their personal and professional lives.

Collaboration and Partnerships: We actively seek out collaboration and partnerships with other academic institutions, government bodies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector.

Lifelong Learning: We provide opportunities for ongoing education, skills enhancement, and professional networking, enabling individuals to thrive in an ever-evolving socio-economic landscape.

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