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The Pannasastra University Faculty of Social Sciences International Relations is a prestigious institution dedicated to providing higher education degrees in the field of international relations, political science, and psychology.  With a strong emphasis on research and academic excellence, the international relations program offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students for careers in diplomacy, global governance, conflict resolution, and international cooperation.


The faculty comprises a distinguished team of professors, researchers, and experts who are highly regarded in their respective fields of study. They bring a wealth of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education that combines academic rigor with real-world insights.


One of the faculty's key strengths lies in its two research centers: the Pannasastra Institute for Peace and the Center for Strategic & Diplomatic Studies. These centers serve as hubs of intellectual inquiry, generating research and analysis on pressing national and global issues.  Both research centers collaborate closely with faculty members and students, fostering an environment of intellectual exchange and interdisciplinary engagement. This enables students to actively participate in ongoing research projects, conferences, and workshops, gaining hands-on experience and exposure to cutting-edge scholarship.


Additionally, the faculty organizes regular guest lectures, symposiums, and international conferences that attract renowned scholars, policymakers, and practitioners from around the world. These events provide students and faculty with invaluable opportunities to engage in intellectual discourse, network, and broaden their horizons.


PUC FSSIR serves as a premier institution for higher education in the fields of political and global studies, and equips students with the knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities necessary to navigate the complex global landscape and make meaningful contributions to international affairs, governance, and development.

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Degrees Offered

Bachelors of Arts (BA)

  • International Relations

  • Political Science

  • Psychology 

  • Sociology

Master of Arts (MA)​

  • IR - Diplomacy

  • IR - Peace and Conflict Studies

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)​

  • International Relations

  • Political Science


Pannasastra Institute
for Peace

The Pannasastra Institute for Peace focuses on the interdisciplinary study and promotion of peace. It examines both positive peace, which encompasses the absence of direct violence, and negative peace, which addresses the underlying causes and structures that perpetuate conflict. The institute conducts research and analysis to understand the root causes of conflict, including social, economic, political, and cultural factors. It emphasizes the importance of peacebuilding efforts that aim to transform these causes of conflict, promote reconciliation, foster social justice, and build sustainable peace. Through a hands-on approach to learning, the institute offers students opportunities to engage in practical experiences, such as internships, fieldwork, and community projects, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge and contribute to peacebuilding initiatives in real-world contexts.

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center for



The research and work of a Center for Strategic Studies are centered around the comprehensive examination of strategic issues in various realms, including international relations, security, defense, and geopolitical dynamics. The Center plays a role in both research and education. Through comprehensive research and analysis of strategic issues in areas such as international relations, security, defense, and geopolitics, the Center contribute to the development of knowledge and expertise in the field. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in educating youth by offering academic programs, workshops, and seminars that equip students with a deep understanding of strategic challenges and the skills needed to address them. By fostering critical thinking, providing mentorship, and facilitating opportunities for experiential learning, these centers inspire and prepare the next generation of leaders and policymakers to navigate complex global issues, contribute to national and international security, and a prosperous future.


Assembly of





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The Assembly of International Relations Students is a dynamic and inclusive community within the Faculty of International Relations, comprised of passionate and driven students with a shared interest in global affairs. The group serves as a platform for students to engage in academic discussions and extracurricular activities related to international relations. Through organizing guest lectures, workshops, and simulations, the student group fosters a stimulating environment that encourages critical thinking, promotes intercultural understanding, and nurtures leadership skills.

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