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Parallel Lines

Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies

The Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies (CSDS) at the Pannasastra University Faculty of Social Sciences and International Relations is a hub of academic excellence, dedicated to fostering comprehensive understanding, analysis, and proactive engagement in global affairs. Established at the intersection of academia and real-world challenges, CSDS stands as a beacon of insightful research, dialogue, and strategic planning in the realm of International Relations, Geopolitics, and Security Issues.




Our Mission

At CSDS, our mission is to illuminate the complexities of today's global landscape through rigorous scholarship, innovative research methodologies, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We aim to provide actionable insights and foresight into multifaceted international challenges, enabling informed decision-making and policy formulation at both national and international levels.








Focus Areas

International Relations: Delving into the intricate web of global interactions, our experts analyze the dynamics between nations, international organizations, and non-state actors. We explore diplomatic strategies, conflict resolution, cooperation, and the evolving paradigms shaping the international order.

Geopolitics: Our research initiatives center on geopolitical trends, regional dynamics, and the impact of geographical factors on international relations. We examine geopolitical shifts, power structures, and emerging regional blocs, fostering a deeper comprehension of contemporary geopolitical landscapes.

Security Issues: CSDS is committed to understanding security challenges in their multifaceted dimensions. From traditional security threats to emerging non-traditional risks, including cybersecurity, technological advancements, and hybrid threats, our experts provide comprehensive analyses to mitigate risks and promote global stability.

Strategic and Technological Security: Recognizing the critical nexus between technology and security, CSDS investigates the implications of technological advancements on global security. We explore the transformative impact of AI, cybersecurity, digital warfare, and space-related security concerns on strategic paradigms.







Our Approach

CSDS employs a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing upon the expertise of seasoned academics, practitioners, and thought leaders in the fields of international relations, geopolitics, security studies, and technology. Through research publications, workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects, we strive to contribute to the scholarly discourse and understanding of global affairs.


Words are opinion, not fact.

Action is the only truth.

- Marcus Aurelius

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Working Papers

The CSDS Working Papers Series serves as a platform for showcasing cutting-edge research, innovative ideas, and thought-provoking analyses within the realms of International Relations, Geopolitics, and Security Issues. The Working Papers Series aims to foster scholarly exchange and intellectual dialogue by presenting works in progress, preliminary findings, and exploratory studies. It provides a space for contributors to share fresh perspectives, challenge existing paradigms, and engage in constructive debates on pressing global issues.

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